Brick Chip

Brick chip obtained in a dig at the Myers Residence in 2011.

Small ceramic item

This small ceramic fragment could have been from a clay vessel such as a jug or earthenware container. It is from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Glass Fragment

This small glass fragment looks as though it might come from  drinking glass. The glass itself is thin and delicate. It was from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Metal hinge

This is a metal hinge from a cabinet, or storage box. It was found in a 2011 dig in connection with the Myers Residence.

Fragment of clay pipe

This appears to be a fragment of a clay pipe from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Glass Fragments

These glass fragments were dug from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Bone Fragments

This appears to be two bone fragments from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Small Plate Fragment

This is an unidentified object of plate fragment. It is identified as having been from a 2011 dig at the Myers Residence.

Blue Edge of White Wear Plate

This is a small fragment of  a plate with blue edging from a 2011 dig. The tag lists it as coming from the Myers Residence property.

John Doulton plateware

John Doulton blue-transfer print plate war: By Irini Beshello and Za-kiyyah Dominique In 1885, John Doulton produced world-class wares, which attracted many international clientele. His innovative creations of porcelain pottery…

Rim of blue-transfer print plate

Rim of blue-transfer print plate: By Shakira Campbell and Kassondra Gordon Blue transfer print began it England in 1756. It became very popular in the 19th century and is still…

Different Types of Glazes

General Information about Glazes: Underglaze: A color or decoration is applied to the ceramic vessel before it is glazed. Because the glaze covers the decoration or color, the decoration is…

Earthenware Fragments

Earthenware pieces: General description which includes: Black glaze red ware/earthenware; Underglaze earthenware-base; Overglaze earthenware fragment: The majority of redware/earthenware pieces were plain, without designs, because they were not seen regularly…

Pearlware Fragments

General decryption of pearlware (objects include): Rim of blue decorated plateware; Pearlware fragments; Fragment of a pearlware-blue; Fragments of pearlware; Underglaze pearlware; Plate rim fragment- green: Pearlware was produced in…


Pictured is a Norton Pottery jug. Captain John Norton created Norton Pottery in 1785 in Bennington, VT. Common pieces include: pots, chamber pots, milk pans, jugs, pudding pots, and mugs.…


Bag: 1008 Item: 16 Comb, rubber, post 1860s The comb is made of a natural rubber, which is a “plastic” polymer. This material can be shaped, formed, as well as…

Wright Nail

Bag 1008, Item 28 Wright nail. Iron alloy. Complete. Clenched. Late 18th-to early 19th century This iron alloy nail is made with very low carbon and is, therefore, easily welded. …


Complete gray colored gunflint. Flint (a hard grey rock) is resistant to weathering, which explains why it is still intact. Flint has served many different purposes, including use as tools…

Glass Bottle

Fragment of colorless glass bottle, lipping-tooled with prescription finish Lip, also known as an applied finish, refers to glass bottles whose finish was created or “applied” in a separate process.…

Underglaze Pearlware

Fragment of the body of a underglaze pearlware/refined earthenware with  hand painted with black petal design.    

Ring shaped iron fragment

Unidentified ring- shaped fragment that could be a part of an iron cabinet door pull handle knob. Weight: 10.4 grams

Door/ Window Hinge

This is a fragment of door/window hinge made of  iron alloy Weight: 130.4 grams

Knob Handle

Unidentified hardware which most probably is a threaded door or a window knob handle made of iron alloy. Weight: 132.6 grams

Lamp holder / burner

This fragment  is a decorative scalloped  rim of a Victorian lamp burner. It is made from copper and weighs 5.8 grams.


An iron hinge that was a part to a door or a window.  Weight: 315 grams


This is a part of a copper valve that was used in molded decorations in kitchens, dinning and living rooms. Weight: 27.7 grams