John Doulton blue-transfer print plate war: By Irini Beshello and Za-kiyyah Dominique

In 1885, John Doulton produced world-class wares, which attracted many international clientele. His innovative creations of porcelain pottery grabbed the attention of many. John’s son, Henry Doulton enticed the attention of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Queen Victoria Knighted Henry in 1887 for his unique pottery and figurines. In 1901, King Edward VII bestowed the Royal Warrant on the Doulton Factory where the factory adopted its new name, Royal Doulton.

The Royal Doultons were one of the largest pottery and porcelain companies in the world and has been around for over 200 years. Through out these years, the name has changed from Jones to Watts, and Doulton. Today, the company is The Royal Doulton. In the early years the company produced slat glaze, stoneware ceramics, stone jars, bottles, and flasks. In the later years they expanded their line, which included mugs and jugs.

Examples of the exact design: