MISSION: Underground Railroad Education Center researches and preserves the local and national history of the Underground Railroad movement, its international connections, and its legacy to today’s social justice issues, thereby empowering people of all ages to be agents of change toward an equitable and just society.

Who Started All This?

Paul and Mary Liz StewartThis website grew out of a research project on the Underground Railroad in the Capital Region by Paul and Mary Liz Stewart. Their work uncovered the voices and stories of people written out of this history. Together, these voices provide a different accounting of Underground Railroad activism and change the American narrative. We invite you to join with us as we work together to bring forward a more equitable and comprehensive understanding of this first civil rights movement and its relationship with us today. Make a donation to the work of Underground Railroad Education Center, become a member, attend programs, participate on volunteer committees, and help to move this research and discovery forward!


Underground Railroad Education Center Interprets UGRR History and Its Relevance for Today Using the Following Principles:


Document Based


Reality vs myth


Public vs Secret


Movement, Not Safe Houses and Routes


African American Leadership


Civil Disobedience


Language and Public Memory


Relevance today