Ceramic marble

Complete ceramic marble  buff. Dimensions:  1.4cm diameter Germany was the leading manufacturer of marbles throughout the 19th century and into the 1920s. The U.S began to produce marbles in the…

Tobacco pipe fragments

Fragments of the stem of a tobacco pipe, ball clay-white. Complete pipe: Bag 1131, Item 21 Smoking tobacco became popular world-wide during the Age of Exploration (1400s to 1600s). The…

Lamp Burner

Victorian copper oil/kerosene single wick  burner. Years before electricity became an essential household commodity,  such oil lamps were  commonly used in many households as a primary source of lighting.


A metal hinge that was most likely  a door hinge or a window hinge. Weight: 246 grams Length: 29.6 cms  

Mitre Box

Mitre Box

Found in ceiling of first floor, rear parlor of Myers Residence in 2009. Mitre box used for helping saw wood cuts, angles and shapes – was likely used in the construction…