In response to the recent unrest at the US Capitol and elsewhere in the country:

  • UREC supports the principles of Democracy. We recognize that implementation of those principles is greatly lacking in the history of the United States, and to this day we are burdened by the chains of the legacy of the institution of enslavement.
  • UREC recognizes that conflicts and differing opinions are embedded in the human condition. UREC supports the non-violent resolution of such conflicts.
  • UREC promotes the recognition of the power of language, which can be used to build up or tear down. It can be weaponized for violence, but it can be amplified for empowerment. UREC encourages careful attention to the language we choose to use, always seeking the most respectful and inclusive language possible.
  • UREC, in its purpose and mission, seeks to dismantle the stranglehold of white supremacy on our nation. We encourage the building of alliances across heritages and experiences that can bring all of us to a richer lived experience.
  • Join with UREC in working to eradicate the prejudice that infiltrates our minds and hearts as together we walk in the footsteps of our communal ancestral abolitionists learning the past, engaging actively in the present and working together to create an equitable and just future.