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Underground Railroad Education Center begins expansion

By Jaclyn Cangro City of Albany
PUBLISHED 8:21 AM ET Feb. 06, 2023
The Underground Railroad Education Center has been educating residents on the role the state’s capital played in the anti-slavery movement.

Located on Livingston Avenue, the center resides in the former home of Harriet and Stephen Myers. Both Black, the couple lived in the building through the mid-1800s, helping freedom seekers on their way to Canada.

“Through the work that we’ve been doing, we’ve been able to talk about it in terms of things that happened right here. Things that happened on Livingston Avenue, which was Lumber Street then … Things that happened all around the community here. And it feels like a different story. It’s the same story, but it’s a different story. It’s told from a different angle,” says co-founder Paul Stewart.

Those at the center say few realize the Underground Railroad made its way through Albany. Paul and Mary Liz Stewart try to bring the railroad to life.

As they continue to explore history through a different lens, the education center is in the process of expansion.

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