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Piecing together the Myers Residence’s place on the Underground Railroad

by Amaris Ford
February 1, 2023

ALBANY – At 194 Livingston Avenue, Albany, there is a valuable piece of history, full of mystery, perseverance, freedom, and prosperity. Now serving the community as the Underground Railroad Education Center, the tall brick house stands as a monument to the past, present and future.

Mary Liz and Paul Stewart founded the Underground Railroad History Project in 2003, after incorporating under the state education department. “Our belief was that the voices of the people we were engaging with, which had been written out of the history of the Underground Railroad, belonged to the community by right; their voices, their stories,” said Mary Liz Stewart.

As the Underground Railroad History Project travelled to various locations in the Capital Region to tell the stories of the Underground Railroad, they made a surprising discovery about their work. “This information was new to people…stories that reflected places and spaces in the local community,” Mary Liz Stewart explained. “It became a progressively expanding story.”

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