March 2020

Dear Friend of Underground Railroad History Project,

Underground Railroad History Project invites you to join with others to be a sponsor of LibertyCon 2020, a transformative event that brings together a multi-age, diverse audience to examine questions raised and actions suggested by this year’s theme, Freedom Road: the Struggle for Justice Continues.

As the first civil rights movement in the United States, the Underground Railroad movement provides a foundation upon which we can stand today as we work to ensure equity and justice for all.

The Underground Railroad movement provides a living model for continuing the road to freedom which it began—building community, partnering with others to educate, explore, and create as we travel the path of justice for all.

Hudson Valley Community College, partnering with Underground Railroad History Project this year, enthusiastically embraces this effort to bring together community members with scholars, historians, educators, preservationists and others to carry on the legacy of the Underground Railroad. We hope you will join with us as well.

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A sampling of LibertyCon 2020 content:

Alan SingerThe Long Road – Alan Singer, PhD, Hofstra University

Opening Address speaker Dr. Singer presents insights into the relationship of present with past efforts to insure justice and equity for all Americans while
exploring strategies that contribute to working collaboratively to build a better tomorrow.

  • Workshop and Round Table Topic Sampling includes:
  • Immigration – Citizenship and resettlement
  • Food Justice – Food deserts and federal policies
  • Housing – Fair housing policies
  • Miseducation – Equity in educational instruction
  • Economic Disparity – Gentrification in urban communities,
  • Political Empowerment – Civic engagement and voting rights

Workshop keynote speakers include:

  • Angie Morris, Executive Director, former Schenectady Human Rights Commission
  • Rev. Phil Grigsby, Retired Executive Director, Schenectady Inner City Mission
  • MaryNell Morgan, PhD, Empire State College Professor Emerita

We look forward to your walking with us as we link yesterday with today so together we can build a better tomorrow.


Paul and Mary Stewart

for the LibertyCon Planning Team