In our increasingly polarized society, the symbol of the 19th century Underground Railroad movement and its abolition activists challenge us to publicly reflect and act upon the legacy of the institution of slavery in our contemporary times. – P. Stewart

We Invite You to Join Us for the LibertyCon 2021 Zoom Series

A monthly series of presentations and conversations featuring leading scholars and activists.

Focusing on the nation’s unprecedented, and long overdue, examination of systemic racism in America, UREC connects the historical Underground Railroad, the first civil rights movement in the United States, with the current struggles to dismantle injustice, oppression, and the false idea of White as superior. With the heightened awareness and polarization in the U.S., the urgent need to address these issues cannot be overstated.

Time: all presentations are on Saturdays from 3pm-4:30pm Eastern time
Registration Fee: $10 per presentation or $80 for the full package of 10.
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Feb. 27The Kidnapping Club
Mar 20Dr. Dorothy L. Brown and the Politics of Adoption and Abortion, 1950-1968
Apr 24Staten Island’s Freedom Struggles and the Underground Railroad
May 29Documenting Racially Restrictive Covenants in Washington DC: A Primer
Jun 26African Americans Fighting White Supremacy in the Wake of the Tulsa Massacre
Jul 31Racist Violence is as American as Cherry Pie
Aug 21Black Farmers, Racism, and Agents of Change
Sept 25Destined to engage and collaborate - Examining the Social/Political Dynamics of Native Americans and African Americans in the United States
Oct 30Incarceration: a Local Investigation of a Racist Institution
Nov 27Native American Lives Matter

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Underground Railroad Education Center invites you to join us for LibertyCon 2021, our 19th annual public history conference.

As the first civil rights movement in the United States, the Underground Railroad movement provides a foundation upon which we can stand today as we work to ensure equity and justice for all.
The Underground Railroad movement provides a living model for continuing the road to freedom which it began—building community, partnering with others to educate, explore, and create as we travel the path of justice for all.


Formerly, LibertyCon has taken the form of a day-long or weekend public history conference exploring social and racial justice issues both historical and current.  Participants and presenters have been local, state, national, and international.

Reflecting continued uncertainty regarding public gatherings in coming months, our 2021 LibertyCon will be a series of sessions roughly 60 to 90 minutes in length that encompass an introductory presentation followed by a period for question and answers and moderated conversation. We hope that you will join UREC in this endeavor.