In our increasingly polarized society, the symbol of the 19th century Underground Railroad movement and its abolition activists challenge us to publicly reflect and act upon the legacy of the institution of slavery in our contemporary times. – P. Stewart

LibertyCon 2020

Saturday, June 6, 2020
This Event Will Be Rescheduled

Bulmer Telecommunications Center at
Hudson Valley Community College


Followed by dinner and conversation at Moscatiello’s Family Restaurant

Sponsored by Marvin Library Learning Commons
Organized by Underground Railroad History Project

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The Underground Railroad History Project invites you to join us for LibertyCon 2020, our 19th annual public history conference.

As the first civil rights movement in the United States, the Underground Railroad movement provides a foundation upon which we can stand today as we work to ensure equity and justice for all.
The Underground Railroad movement provides a living model for continuing the road to freedom which it began—building community, partnering with others to educate, explore, and create as we travel the path of justice for all.

Expanding the scope of LibertyCon 2020 and building upon our past, URHP aims to bring together social justice organizations and their representatives and participants, broadly defined, from throughout the Capital Region and beyond—gaining strength through partnership; sharing knowledge, strategies, and agendas; and bringing more people to a bigger table to create a better tomorrow.