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Call for Proposals


Liberty Con 2018: Embracing Equity in a Global Society

 The 17th annual Underground Railroad Public History Conference

Organized by Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc. in              collaboration with New York State Council for Social Studies & Archives Partnership Trust & The Visitors Center of Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau

March 8 – 11, 2018

Workshops and Round Tables will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the Albany Capital Center in Albany, New York

Embracing equity in a global society is a struggle and an affirmation. In our increasingly polarized society, the symbol of the 19th century Underground Railroad movement and its abolition activists challenge us to publicly reflect and act upon the legacy of the institution of slavery in contemporary times. Elements in society that oppose equity such as racism and discrimination must be challenged, overcome, and corrected. We invite proposals that address these themes with consideration of recognized freedom struggles both past and present. Proposals that articulate a path forward in embracing equity in a global society are welcomed. Additionally, proposals that address application of the Liberty Con 2018 theme in classrooms settings are encouraged.

Workshop presentation topics aligned with this theme might include:

  • Parallels: Sanctuary cities, immigration, enslavement, underground railroad, and freedom seekers
  • Misogyny, news fakery, and tipping the scales against justice past to present
  • Rethinking history: Haiti came before Waterloo
  • Are You Ready to Take On A Refugee Family?
  • Roots of the Second Amendment and Mass Incarceration in the Threat of Slave Rebellions
  • Unsung Historical Figures Who Were Role Models for Justice and Equity
  • Citizen Actions to Affect Change: Past, Present and Future
  • Is Racism Operative in How We Tell the Story of Freedom Seekers and the Underground Railroad?
  • How Do I Teach about Equity in A Global Society in the Classroom?
  • Underground Railroad Flight Stories Within Our Communities
  • Modern Political Echoes of 19th century Slavery Controversies

Proposals on Related Questions are welcome. Proposals will be reviewed for originality and uniqueness. Submitters will be notified promptly.


Proposals should include: (1) title, (2) brief content description, (3) type of presentation (roundtable or workshop), (4) name and full contact information, including personal title and affiliation of presenter/facilitator, (5) target audience (youth, adult, multi-age), and (6) technology needs.


Proposals should be submitted by October 30, 2017 to or postal mailed to Liberty Con Proposal/URHPCR, 194 Livingston Avenue, Albany, New York 12210


To download a copy of the Call for Proposals, click HERE


Questions? Email Mary Liz Stewart at or call 518-432-4432.


UNDERGROUND RAILROAD HISTORY PROJECT OF THE CAPITAL REGION, INC. researches and preserves the local and national history of the anti-slavery and Underground Railroad movements, their international connections, and their legacies to later struggles, engaging in public education and dialogue about these movements and their relevance to modern society.


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Call for Artists 2018

Artists help us make sense of our world, and they broaden our experience and understanding. The arts enable us to imagine the unimaginable, and to connect us to the past, the present, and the future, sometimes simultaneously. Biographer and journalist Walter Isaacson says that science can give us empirical facts and try to tie them together with theories, but it’s the humanists and the artists who turn them into narratives with moral, emotional and spiritual meanings. He’s right, of course. Art gives meaning to the data science provides. (Barbara Ernst Pray, 2014)

The Art Exhibition at the 17th annual UGRR Public History Convention celebrates the importance of art in our lives and its value in understanding our past in its relationship with the present as if informs the future. If you are interested, or if someone you know might be interested in submitting pieces for the Art Exhibition to be held March through April 2018, please see full details below. Submissions are due by February 5, 2018.


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