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Liberty Con 2019: Seeking Sanctuary: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

 The 18th annual Underground Railroad Public History Conference

March 29-31, 2019

Siena College, Loudonville, NY 12211 and The Stephen and Harriet  Myers Residence, Albany, NY 12210

Opening Address (3/29/19) Workshops & Round Tables & Vendors & Plenary (3/30/19) Open House at The Myers Residence (3/31/19)

Organized by Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc. in collaboration with Siena College and Discover Albany    

2019 Call For Proposals

Underground Railroad Freedom Seekers sought sanctuary in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. Today’s expression of sanctuary acknowledges that memory but is demonstrated in contemporary border confrontations at the Mexican and Canadian borders and in the seeking of sanctuary within the United States by those fleeing discrimination and oppression. We are all called to action to insure for all the human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The theme of this conference is the exploration of Seeking Sanctuary, its relationship to the Underground Railroad, and to the broad issue of Sanctuary.

Topics for workshops and round tables suggested by the 2019 theme to be conducted on 3/30/18 at Siena College might include:

  • How can the history of the Underground Railroad and its protagonists help us confront issues of sanctuary?
  • Explorations of refugee treatment on the Texas border
  • Escapes on the Underground Railroad to Europe and Africa
  • Theories on the Politics of asylum and immigration to the US
  • New lines of thought on the history of seeking freedom in the US
  • Comparisons and contrasts of Pre-civil war refugees and contemporary refugees
  • Music, art and culture of refugee communities
  • Sanctuary as a form of protest
  • Sanctuary Cities in modern America

Proposals on related questions are welcomed.

Roundtable and interactive workshop experiences are encouraged and will be 60 minutes in length.

Panels, cultural and artistic activities, and media productions are welcome.

Proposals should include:

(1) title,

(2) brief content description,

(3) type of presentation (lecture, audience interactive, etc.),

(4) names and full contact information, including titles, of presenters/facilitators,

(5) target audience (youth, adult, multi-age, family with young children), and

(6) technology needs

Proposals should be submitted by Friday, December 14, 2018 to or postal mailed to Liberty Con Proposal/URHPCR, 194 Livingston Avenue, Albany, New York 12210

UNDERGROUND RAILROAD HISTORY PROJECT OF THE CAPITAL REGION, INC. researches and preserves the local and national history of the anti-slavery and Underground Railroad movements, their international connections, and their legacies to later struggles, engaging in public education and dialogue about these movements and their relevance to modern society.

To download a copy of the Call for Proposals – Call for Proposals – 2019 – FINAL

Questions? Email Mary Liz Stewart at or call 518-432-4432.

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