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I'm Dorian Historian, the person in the know. Let me introduce you to my compatriot, Jefford, Keeper of the Public Record. (Who ever heard of a name like Jefford? Yeesh!) Of course, when Jefford wants to tease me, which is more often than I care to think about, I get called Door. Ugh, I really dislike that!

Anyway, you don't need to hear my complaints, but you do need to hear that Jeff and I have stumbled across a puzzling mystery and we're going to need your help to unravel it. We can't figure out where Reverend James Beulah and his family have gone! We desperately need to find them because they have the key to our mystery.

In order to help solve this missing persons' case, we'll have to tell you what we know so far. As you read the pages that follow, answer the questions along the way that are in your Detective Notebook. You'll find your answers on other linked websites, so put on your thinking caps, sharpen your detective skills, and let us know what you learn.

Rev. James Beulah, where are you?

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The Underground Railroad was a movement that consisted of people who were willing to provide assistance to freedom seekers.

The Underground Railroad was called by that name because, as one story relates, a southern enslaver was chasing an enslaved person who, quite suddenly, seemed to disappear from sight. The slaveholder is said to have remarked, 'He must have taken some underground road.' Meanwhile, as railroads were developed, they came to represent a means of speedy movement. The two ideas were combined and used by abolitionists and slaveholders to refer to the organized effort to provide assistance to freedom seekers as they made their way to freedom.