APRIL, 1856 - 8:00pm
198 Lumber Street, Albany, New York

Jefford: Hey, D, it's getting late. We really need to find Rev. Beulah.

Dorian: I know, Jeff. I just need to figure out who might be able to help us.

Jefford: Don't look now, man. but Creepy Dude, the guy you said is a slave catcher, is walking toward us.

Creepy Dude: Evenin', boys, have you seen Rev. Beulah?

Jefford: As a matter of fact . . .

Dorian: Why no, sir, not at all. Have you?

Jefford: But, D. . . .

Dorian: Why are you looking for Rev. Beulah, sir?

Creepy Dude: That's no concern of yours, son.

Stephen Myers: Dorian, how nice to see you again. Please introduce me to your friend.

Dorian: Mr. Myers, am I glad to see you. Mr. Myers, please meet my friend, Jefford, Keeper of the Public Record. Jeff, please meet Mr. Myers.

Jefford: Mr. Myers, I am honored. D, I mean Dorian, has told me a lot about you. Is it true that you were born a slave?

Stephen Myers: Yes, Jefford, I was. I was freed when I turned 18 and came here to Albany by the time I was 30 years old.

Creepy Dude: Nice of you-all to chat so friendly like, but I need to find Rev. Beulah. Can you help me or not?

Stephen Myers: We cannot, sir. And what did you say your name was?

Creepy Dude: I'll keep that to myself, thank you. Good night.

Dorian: Boy, Mr. Myers, am I glad you came along!

Jefford: Whew, me too! I almost told Creepy Dude that we're looking for Rev. Beulah, just like he is!

Stephen Myers: Creepy who?

Jefford: Creepy Dude. It's just a nickname I made up for him.

Stephen Myers: Oh. Thank you for that explanation. As for Rev. Beulah, well, you'll have a hard time finding him,

Jefford: But, Mr. Myers, that's terrible news!

Dorian: Did Rev. Beulah and his family get kidnapped back into slavery, Mr. Myers?

Stephen Myers: No, Dorian, he and his family did not get kidnapped. However, as you can see, they are being pursued by slave catchers. They are still not free.

Dorian & Jefford: Huh?

Stephen Myers: Legally, Rev. Beulah and his family are thieves.

Dorian & Jefford: Huh?

Stephen Myers: By law, they stole themselves, hence their labor, from the person who 'owned' them. Their 'owner' sent bounty hunters to find them. That's what Creepy Dude is, a bounty hunter. He will receive a tidy sum if he can find and bring back to the slave owner Rev. Beulah and his family.

Jefford: Will he find them, Mr. Myers?

Stephen Myers: I don't think so, Jefford. Members of our Albany Vigilance Committee have worked long and hard to protect Rev. Beulah and his family.

Dorian: So how can we find them, Mr. Myers?

Jefford: Yeah, Rev. Beulah has the keys.

Stephen Myers: Keys?

Jefford: The keys to solve our mystery.

Stephen Myers: You'll have to walk about 250 miles west of Albany, boys, to find Rev. Beulah.

Jefford & Dorian: What?!!!

Stephen Myers: However, I must tell you boys that Rev. Beulah did give me a note before he left. I believe it was addressed to you, Dorian. Why, yes, it's still in my suit jacket pocket.

Dorian: Thank you, Mr. Myers. I'd like to read it out loud.